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"Cyfle i Bawb Lwyddo"

Welcome to Abererch school

The school is a happy and caring community, where an effort is made to promote the spirit-ual and moral development of the children.  Our aim is to give everybody the chance to succeed.  The school’s staff and governors are committed to ensuring that every child gets a sound start, not only in literacy and numeracy but also in the skills, attitudes and values necessary to succeed as they become adults.  These include the ability to collaborate, persevere, enquire and question, to develop inquisitiveness and a growth mind-set, i.e. to believe that it is hard work and effort that leads to success, not talent and ability.  We wish to see our pupils developing into independent lifelong learners.  

Every child is different.  Each has his/her strengths and interests.  At Ysgol Abererch we wish to give every child the opportunity to discover and develop his/her interests and strengths in order to develop reliable and confident individuals.  To achieve this, we will provide pupils with varied and extensive opportunities and experiences that will ignite their enthusiasm and eagerness to learn.  We will take advantage of modern technology to share photos of these experiences every day on social networks such as Twitter and the school’s parents’ (closed) Facebook page as well as on our website.  I believe that all parents enjoy seeing photos of their child busy working at school and it provides you with a snapshot of the school’s activities.

I strongly believe that education is a partnership between the children, parents and teachers, and by collaborating we can achieve so much more.  There will be formal opportunities for you to come and discuss your child’s progress, achievement and targets during the year and to see the work.  If you have any concerns about your child, you are welcome to arrange a meeting with the class teacher or myself at any time.

Finally, I wish to emphasize how important it is for us to ensure that your child’s time at Ysgol Abererch is a happy one, full of memories to be treasured always.   Every child is important here and deserves an education of the highest standard.  The Council’s investment in creating a new school for us in the summer of 2016 has provided us with modern facilities suitable to face the challenges and requirements of education in the twenty-first century.  It is a pleasure to work here with your children, ensuring that everyone succeeds.  

Yours sincerely
Annwen Hughes