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Healthy School

Ysgol Abererch has committed to the Gwynedd Healthy Schools Scheme and has managed to obtain a National Accreditation. The scheme enables the school to make a positive contribution towards the health and well-being of the pupils, the teachers and the broader community by developing an environment that promotes health. A healthy school introduces health and well-being elements through the following:-

  •  The National Curriculum/Foundation Phase activities
  •  The Hidden Curriculum and school ethos
  •  Developing the existing links between the home, the community and other specialist agencies.

The school's daily activities promote a healthy lifestyle.
Pupils are encouraged to bring a bottle of water with them to school every day as there are huge benefits to be had from drinking water regularly throughout the day. The pupils are responsible for taking the bottles home with them every day to be washed ready for the next day.

Further information on the Healthy Schools Scheme can be obtained by going on the following website: www.ysgolioniachgwynedd.org