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Swyddfa ar lein

The school provides delicious and healthy school meals for our pupils every day.  The School allows pupils to have school dinners on specific days only if the parents so wish; however, the days must be agreed upon in advance. The current cost of school dinners is £2.50 per day.  Dinner money is paid on-line on the School Gateway website; if you are experiencing difficulties with the account, then please contact Caren Thomas at the school. Free school meals are available to every child from families who receive Income Support or Job Seekers’ Allowance.  The free school meals claim form is available from the school's office or follow the link below.  Please note that all School Dinners data is gathered by the LEA.

Some children prefer to bring a packed lunch to school.  As we are a part of the Gwynedd Healthy Schools Scheme, we wish to see healthy foods in the packed lunches, and no fizzy drinks or sweets.

All pupils eat their lunch in the school hall at midday.

Primary School Dinner Menu 2022

School Gateway Online

Application form for Free School Meals

The governors do not approve of taking pupils on holiday during the school term.  This can lead to a number of problems, including:

  • Your child's education suffering
  • Missing out on extra-curricular activities
  • Losing work continuity

As a result, we ask that you avoid going on holiday during school term, if possible. If you must go on holiday during the school term, you are asked to make a written request to the headteacher at least one month before the holiday.

Holiday Request Form