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Language Charter

Ysgol Abererch implements the principles of the Gwynedd Language Charter, which promotes the natural use of Welsh in all aspects of the school's life and work.


Nursery Education

Ensure, through purposeful and sensitive nursery provision and   organisation, that all children are given a firm grounding in Welsh to enable them to reach the goal of full bilingualism in due course.

Foundation Phase

Build on the foundations set for the Welsh language through nursery education, consolidate and develop the mother tongue of Welsh learners and, in the case of children from Welsh-speaking homes, extend their grasp of English.


Consolidating and developing each child’s Welsh and English capabilities in all their passive and active aspects, in order to ensure that the children can speak, read and write fluently and confidently in both languages when they transfer to the secondary school.

50% of teaching time is carried out in Welsh and 50% in English.

When a latecomer comes into the school, i.e. a child who does not speak Welsh at all, they are offered an intensive one-term course at the ‘Latecomers Centre’ in Llangybi.     
While there, the child will form part of a small learning group taught by experts in teaching Welsh as a second language.  During the term, they will follow the usual school curriculum as well as learn Welsh. The children are transported to the centres free of charge.