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Attendance and Holidays

Holiday During School Term

If you are going to go on holiday during school term the law states that you have to ask permission from the School before hand.

Absence/Sickness Form

The school has a duty to ensure that the pupils attend regularly.  If a child is not in attendance for a session, they are marked as absent. Parents are expected to contact the school on that first morning in order to provide an explanation for an absence.

In accordance with National Assembly rules, every school must classify absences by one of two methods: authorised or unauthorised

  • Usually, authorised absences include illness or medical appointments. Up to ten days of holidays can also be requested during one academic year.  The Headteacher considers these requests on an individual basis.  We strongly encourage parents not to take their children out of school during the academic year as continuity is essential to ensure  efficient learning. 
  • Any unexplained absences are categorised as being unauthorised. Information on school attendance is retained electronically by the LEA.    

Education Welfare Officers could visit the homes of any parents whose children’s attendance figures are of concern to the school and LEA. 

School Attendance 20/21

Attendance = 93.17% 

Target = 96%